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The Peak Performance training is a semester-based program consisting of 60 min workouts, twice a week. It is specifically designed for athletes aged 13-16 years old. These are typically 8th -12th graders.

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Never had the opportunity to be apart of something like this before and to watch it grow as much as what it has and be involved an part of the team is truly an honor thanx Aaron

Tim "The Ikon" Curtis

Aaron is the absolute BEST! He puts in the time and effort to make sure his clients achieve the results they want. With his guidance I’ve lost 100 lbs and kept it off for over a year. Size 18 to a lean and mean 2/4.

Ashley Schultz

Since working with Aaron Slusher at Vision MMA, I’ve been not only able to lose weight at an astonishing rate, but also have been able to increase my strength, bolster my endurance, and improve my diet. I would recommend Aaron and Achieve Peak Performance to anybody who is serious about achieving results!

Matt Froehle

How long does the assessment take?

The assessment for adults & youth athletes typically takes 60 minutes. The elite performance assessment typically takes 90 minutes due to the extra testing.

Do you pay for your workouts when you show up?

All programs require the package to be payed up front unless previously discussed with the coach. Adult packages are typically 8 at a time where as youth athletes will be 11-12 week packages.

Where is your gym located?

The majority of my coaching is done at the Power 3 gym located at 7227 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45236. I do coach at other locations such as Vision MMA & Montgomery Fire Station.

DO you offer weight loss programs?

No, we do not offer weight loss programs. We believe in helping each client achieve their goals by using a whole-body approach. the 4 pillars  of our logo are Perseverance, Performance, Nutrition & Recovery.

How do you handle cancellations?

Cancellations are different based on the program. Youth athletes have an optional makeup day each Saturday each week. Makeup days are programmed differently and can cause an athlete to miss out on the major movements they need to achieve their goals. Therefore, we suggest they use them as an emergency. Also, the makeup days are limited to 4 athletes and are based on a first come first serve scheduling approach. Adults require a 24-hour notice but let’s face it life happens, and 24 hours might not be feasible. We are very flexible and as long as the client isn’t doing it every week, we will gladly reschedule to fit their schedule.

What if I have a team or a friend I want to train with?

We highly encourage athletes to invite their friends to train with them. We want all athletes (from 6 years old up to 80) to have fun and whatever better way to do that then train with your friend or family. Besides who doesn’t love some friendly competition. If you find that your optimal time slot is filled up, please let us know and we will work something out.

Due to the size of the facility (Power 3) and my goal of keeping the number of athletes to a coachable number (4), any teams that are interested in being coached, will need to provide a separate location, such as Sycamore lacrosse field.

How does scheduling work?

All scheduling is done using the Wellnessliving scheduling platform. Once athletes have gone through their assessment & payed for their program, they will have their account setup. From there they will be able to use their PC, table tor mobile device to schedule/cancel their workouts.



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