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“the man on the top of the mountain didn’t fall there”                     – Vince lombardi


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U.S. Navy Nuclear Engineer (MMN)

B.S.I.T. Information Technology

M.S.I.T. Specialization in Information Assurance and Security


Must Love Corso Rescue Volunteer


Aaron Slusher is a sports performance & nutrition coach with 25 years of experience in the health & fitness industry. He started his love for fitness as a wrestler for Fairfield high school.  After high school, he joined the Naval Nuclear Engineering program.  While he was in the Navy, he was tasked with helping his classmates get in shape to pass their physical exam.  He realized he had a passion for guiding and coaching others to improve their healthy lifestyles.  After his military service, he decided to get certified as a fitness trainer and pursue his passion while also studying information technology in college.  In 2006, he was struck by two cars when he stopped to help a disabled car on the side of the highway.  He had numerous injuries he needed to overcome.  Through his rehabilitation, he decided he wanted to learn more about the human body so he could help others the way he was helped.  This life-altering event became the birth of Achieve Peak Performance and reignited Aaron’s devotion to health, fitness, and coaching.


Aaron’s son Tristan was very active in sports at a very young age.  While traveling to games, coaching his son in youth sports, and helping his son with his training, Aaron’s interest in sports performance was peaked.  He saw the importance of developing young athletes to improve their self-esteem, prevent injuries, and become a better athlete.


Aaron currently lives in Cincinnati with his wife Theresa.  Now that Aaron’s son is an adult, he finds he has time to enjoy sports himself.  In his spare time, he enjoys training in Muay Thai & Jiu-Jitsu.  He also enjoys fostering dogs for Must Love Corso Rescue.

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