The 4 Levels of Nutritional Programming

At Achieve Peak Performance I place clients into 4 levels. This allows me to tailor your fitness & nutritional recommendations based on each level.

Level 1 – Basic Nutritional Programs

This level is ideal for nutritional beginners. Clients can be advanced in their fitness programs or on selective sports, but still, require work on the fundamentals of nutrition. The level also fits those with modest goals such as moderate body composition and improvements or feeling better every day. This level requires simple basic nutritional steps. 90% of clients will fit this category. 

Level 2 – Individualized Nutritional Programming

This level is appropriate for recreational exercisers & high-performance athletes who already have a high-quality basic diet and want to pursue very specific performance and/or body transformation goals. It’s also good for those clients who really want and need to know the details of their dietary intake. At this level, clients can handle activity and goal based calorie calculations, body type specific macro breakdowns & nutrient sensitivity-based timing strategies.

Level 3 – Special Situation Nutritional Programming

This level is for nutritionally experienced people with specific, aggressive goals such as competing in physique competitions or weight based sports, dropping their body fat % into the mid-single digits (men) or close to single digits (women) or optimizing competition day nutrition. This level is for people who have the discipline to follow 95% adherence or higher, rigorously track intake, count calories, vary macros systematically and so and so on. This level may seem enticing due to the results, but unless you are a high-level athlete this will not be sustainable. It will not fit your lifestyle and will have lasting repercussions.

Level 4 – Special Population or Medical Nutritional Therapy

This level is for clients who are beyond my scope. I will put them in contact with someone in my network such as a Registered Dietician. I will work closely with the medical professional