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“Hey thank you for making him feel excited about working out.. he has now decided that he wants to be a doctor that teaches fitness to kids on the weekend and some evening because he has so much fun with Mr. Aaron”
Veronica Bel

“I have trained with Aaron Slusher over the past 11 years and have nothing but positive reviews for his training skills and methods. Aaron is incredibly knowledgeable on not only training but also with dieting or lifestyle changes as he likes to call it. He always pushes me to go the extra mile. Aaron understands what my limits are, and pushes them only so much as to succeed and make me better.  I thoroughly enjoy working out with Aaron.  I have lost weight and continued to sculpt my body through weight training and healthy eating. His work ethic is impeccable and his care for his clients is above and beyond. I will continue to train with Aaron as long as he lets me and continue to enjoy the success he has taught me to earn.”

Michael Woloshin



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